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Our Petitions

Sign And Share Our Petitions And Help Us Fight For Bears


Prosecute Florida Bear Killer to Fullest Extent of the Law


Ask Florida's Wildlife Commission (FWC) To Change Their "Aggressive Bear" Killing Policy


FWC: Don’t Kill - Relocate Gulf Breeze Bear & Cubs!


Stop Trophy Hunters from Killing N​.​C. Bears in Designated Bear Sanctuaries


Stop The Missouri Bear Hunt!


Help Get Justice for Polar Bear


Throw the Book at Bear Killers


Floridians Will Never Support Bear Hunting!


Stop The New Jersey Bear Hunt


Stop The 2017 Florida Black Bear Hunt


Help Us Stop a Connecticut Bear hunt!


Stop The Virginia Bear Hunt


Stop Wyoming's Grizzly Bear Hunt


One Male Idaho Grizzly Bear to Be Executed in Trophy Hunt

Stop West Virginia From Killing Bears Over Bait!


Keep Protections for Montana Grizzly Bears

Oklahoma Bears Caught in Crosshairs of Hunt Expansion


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