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Bear Hunting In Utah

Hunting Methods: Baiting and Hunting with Dogs

Utah once had both grizzlies and black bears. Grizzly bears ceased to exist in Utah by the 1920s due to habitat loss and hunting.

When Did Bear Hunting Start In Utah?

A regulated black bear hunting season began in 1967.

Is The State Broken Down Into BMUs (Bear management units)?
The State is broken down into 26 Bear Boundaries. 

When Is Bear Hunting Season?

Please go to this link for bear hunting dates as they are subject to change.

Note: Spot and Stalk Season dates depend on which boundary the hunter is in.


What Weapons Are Permitted?

Archery: Bows with a draw weight minimum of 30 pounds; Arrowheads with two sharp-cutting edges no more than 7/8 inch wide; Arrows with a minimum length of 20 inches; Crossbows with a minimum draw weight of 135 pounds using arrows or bolts that are at least 16 inches long and a fixed broadhead that is at least 7/8-inch wide or mechanical
broadheads that are at least 7/8-inch wide.

Firearms: Any firearm that is not fully automatic; Rimfire cartridges. 

Airguns: Airguns that are pneumatically powered and pressurized solely through a separate
charging device that fire only a bolt or arrow; Arrows must be 16 inches minimum in length and travel at least 400 feet per second at the muzzle; Fixed broadheads that are at least 7/8-inch wide or mechanical broadheads that are at least 7/8-inch wide.


Note: Crossbows are not permitted during Archery Only Season. 

Can Hunters Kill Cubs?

No. Killing cubs or mothers with cubs is illegal.

Can Hunters Kill A Bear Over Bait?

Yes. Baiting bears is legal.

Is Dog Hunting Permitted In Utah?

Yes. Hunting with dogs is legal. 

What Procedure Must Hunters Follow After They Kill A Bear?
Immediately after harvesting a bear, hunters must attach their temporary possession tag. The tag is only valid for 48 hours, so the kill must be reported and checked by an official within those 48 hours. At that time, hunters will need to have an extracted tooth from the bear. After checked, a UDWR employee with affix the permanent possession tag. 

What Is Their Reasoning For Hunting Bears?
•    Regulating bear population

•    Controlling nuisance problems

•    Recreational opportunity for sportsmen and women

What Is The Government Organization(s), That Is In Charge Of Bear Hunting/Wildlife?

Utah Division of Wilderness Resources (UDWR)

When Does The Utah Division of Wilderness Resource Hold Their Meetings?

Meeting dates, times and locations will be posted here -

Are The Meetings Open To The Public?

There are public meetings available to attend. Dates, times and locations will be posted here -

Who Has The Power To Stop The Hunt?

The Governor and Utah’s elected General Assembly Members have the power to introduce and vote on proposed law changes.


Kirk Woodward, Chairman of the UDWR

Hunt Clubs and organizations that support and fund bear hunting

Utah Division of Wilderness Resources -

Safari Club International, Utah Division -

Utah Houndsmen Association -

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