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Hunting Methods  Hounding - Baiting - Mothers/Cubs Targeted

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The New Jersey Bear Hunt is one of the cruelest bear hunts in the country. Hunters are even permitted to kill mother bears and cubs.


Families are torn apart just to satisfy a small group of trophy hunters. Bears are often baited and die slowly in these hunts. Cubs are left orphaned, lost, and hungry. It is time we end this barbaric tradition.


Archery was reintroduced for the first time in decades during the 2016 New Jersey Bear Hunt. The first three days of the hunt are devoted solely to archery. Hunting with bows and arrows allows for greater error on the hunter’s part and often results in horrific and painful injuries that lead to a slow and agonizing death. Gravely injured bears could suffer for weeks before dying.


Last year's hunt yielded a record-breaking total of 607, black bears killed. Among the 607 bears killed was a well-known bear named Pedals.


The bear who was known as “Pedals” got his name due to his unusual, bipedal way of walking, that was attributed to injuries he sustained to his front paws; Part of his right front leg was missing, and his left front paw was wounded.


Local residents fought to get help for the injured bear that would peacefully walk in and out of their yards like a human.  A petition was created, and money was raised to move Pedals to a sanctuary where he would be safe from harm, but wildlife officials denied all requests to help Pedals.


Pedals became a local celebrity, which unfortunately made him a prize target for hunters.


  • Baiting Permitted

  • Male and Female Bears Can Be Killed

  • Mother Bears Can Be Killed

  • Cubs Can Be Killed

  • Mother Bears With Cubs Can Be Killed

  • Archery Allowed For First 3 Days

  • Hunters Are Allowed To Kill A Total Of Two Bears, One Bear Per Segment Season

  • Bears Are Shy Animals That Can Often Be Scared Away By Noise

  • Black Bears Are Predominantly Vegetarian

  • Bear-Proof Trash Cans Yield Better Results In Limiting Or Eliminating Bear-Human Encounters

  • Bear Hunting Does Not Reduce The Number Of Complaint Calls


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  • Show Up To Local Protest

  • Attend NJ Fish and Wildlife Meetings

  • Collaborate With Local Groups

  • Document The Hunt (Photography/Video)

  • Contact Local Officials and Voice Your Opposition


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