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U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen Rules To Restore Federal Protections To Yellowstone Grizzlies

The judge citing the lack of scientific evidence by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service for delisting the bears, “By delisting the Greater Yellowstone grizzly without analyzing how delisting would affect the remaining members of the lower-48 grizzly designation, the Service failed to consider how reduced protections in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem would impact the other grizzly populations...”

As a result, the order effectively puts a stop to the upcoming trophy hunt in Wyoming that could have killed as many as 22 bears.

The price of victory is high but so is the reward and there is nothing more rewarding than the victory of a just cause!

Our team was one of many that have been fighting against the Wyoming and Idaho grizzly bear trophy hunt since they were delisted. This has been a heart wrenching and exhausting battle for many of us. Judge Dana Christensen's ruling is a reminder to never abandon hope, for hope is the driving force that keeps us going in the war to protect our wildlife.

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